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Negroni Week Is Coming, Combining Local Craft Cocktails and Charity

Did you know that next week is going to be the best week ever? That's because local bars are pairing up with Italian aperitif maker Campari to present Negroni Week.

While drinking a bunch of Negronis all week from June 2 until June 8 sounds fun no matter what, the worldwide event gets even better because some of the proceeds will be going to a charity of the participating bar's choosing.

SPOILER ALERT: One bar is going to be making a Negroni snowcone.

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Campari has teamed up with Crudo, The Gladly, Rancho Pinot, Clever Koi, Sushi Roku, Virtu Honest Craft, The Little Woody, and Citizen Public House for the Negroni Week event. While typically Negronis feature equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari only, the bars will be mixing up Negronis and Negroni-like variations (as long as the drink still features Campari) to support charities like St. Mary's Food Bank, Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

One dollar off the price of every Negroni ordered at those participating bars will go to the bar's charity of choice. If Phoenix-area bars pull in the most cash for charity by the end of the week, the Phoenix chapter of the United States Bartenders' Guild will even get to donate $10,000 to the St. Mary's Food Bank.

While not every bar has announced what they plan on mixing up for the week-long event, we do know Clever Koi is making a Negroni snowcone, which sounds amazing. It would also be nice to see La Vida Buena (mezcal-based Negroni) somewhere too-- hint, hint.

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