New cafe coming to Roosevelt Row

The latest buzz from photographer Wayne Rainey, who owns the Roosevelt Row art spaces Monorchid and Holgas, says Holgas will soon be getting a green renovation. In about three months, he says, it will reopen as a cafe selling organic cupcakes and coffee.

The still-unnamed shop will be operated by New York transplant, Christine Lockwood, who is a former Whole Foods exec. And although it won't be strictly an art gallery anymore, Rainey says the cafe will still showcase the work of local artists.

It's nice to hear that there will be another coffee hangout in the area -- pretty soon, we'll all be able to cafe-hop from Tammie Coe (the cool indie bakery on Roosevelt, just west of 7th St.) to Conspire (a funky, artist-owned boutique/cafe tucked into an old house, at 5th St. and Garfield) to this new joint, and then to Carly's Bistro (Roosevelt at 2nd St.) and Fair Trade Cafe (behind Trinity Cathedral, on 1st Ave.).

That's a lot of caffeine.

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