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New Food Truck Alert: Gourmet Command Center (With Their Badass 17-Foot Former SWAT Vehicle)

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The Owners: Husband and wife team, Bernie Boyle & Cindie Powell-Boyle with assistance from family such as Bernie's brother Mike and sometimes, their kids. Cindie hails from South Jersey and the Boyle brothers claim Maryland roots. Together they're bringing their take on eastern seaboard flavors to the Sonoran Desert.

The Boyles own a candle shop in Glendale, but Bernie's got experience cooking in restaurant kitchens and comes from a family of restaurateurs. They couple say they have a passion for the business, even though it's "no cakewalk." (Despite having air conditioning, Bernie lost eight pounds on his first day working inside the truck's blisteringly hot kitchen - now that's a labor of love.)

Although the Boyles looked for a brick-and-mortar location to open a restaurant, Cindie says they struggled to find a location that fit their menu. Instead, like so many others, they decided to take the food truck route. They learned to appreciate the hands-on business model and immediate feedback from customers.

"We are people-people," says Cindy. "In a restaurant, you can hide behind your servers bit when you have a truck, you're it."

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