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New Food Truck Alert: Liberty's Biscuits to Launch in Gilbert

While the food truck scene's been buzzing in Central and Downtown Phoenix for a while now, outlying areas have been severely lacking in mobile food options. Last month Glendale started to turn that tide with the debut of one of the city's hottest new eateries, Old Dixie's Southern Kitchen.

Well, lightning may not strike twice but apparently new food trucks do and it appears the tidal wave of food trucks to hit the Phoenix food scene is finally starting to lap at shores beyond the center of the Valley.

Heads up, Gilbert. Rumor has it you, too, are getting a gravy lovin' restaurant on wheels.

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According to Facebook and Twitter the East Valley will be the new home of Liberty's Biscuits, a "gourmet food truck serving biscuits, gravy, chili and outrageous sandwiches."

By the looks of the logo on their Facebook page, this will one patriotic truck and after the stellar success of Glendale's last addition to the street food scene we'll have some high expectations for this second Southern-flavored eatery.

No word yet on when and where to expect the launch but the truck has already joined the Phoenix Street Food Coalition late last month. Stayed tuned for more details and follow the Liberty's Biscuits Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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