New Halal Eatery Moving Into Never-Opened Deli at Former Two Hippies Location (Whew.)

Oh, dear, the restaurant location in the strip mall at 4034 North 24th Street (24th Street and Indian School), seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis.

Last November, the location, which was formerly Two Hippies Pizza and Burger Joint and shuttered for about two months, looked as if it was going to be a new eatery. A banner outside read "602-468-DELI," which was either the new restaurant's name, its non-working phone number, or both. And a peek through the window revealed a blackboard menu offering gourmet bagels, salads, soups, and sandwiches -- with a focus on hoagies as the restaurant's specialty.

Not anymore. In fact, the new eatery never opened.

A sign from the Maricopa County Environmental Services Departed posted on January 6 cited a "Notice of Business Closure" and declared the premises closed because "the establishment has relocated or is no longer in operation."

Around two weeks ago, the never-opened deli's phone number banner was taken down and exterior signs have been installed that read: Khyber Halal Restaurant and Groceries -- Opening Soon. Most of the interior, save for the menu board, has been left in tact.

Third time's the charm? Stay tuned for details.

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