New Hong Kong: Authentic Cantonese Cuisine Hiding in Plain View

If you are on the hunt for a new favorite place for Chinese food -- real Chinese food -- New Hong Kong Restaurant isn't the kind of place you might plan on visiting, even though you've probably driven by it more times than you can remember.

The neon sign, the weathered orange and sea foam green Chinese façade -- the place looks like it had its heyday decades ago. But then there is the food and, with it, the realization that despite its appearance, New Hong Kong is very much alive -- with a pulsating culinary heart.

Here, tangled nests of expertly prepared stir-fried noodles, trembling clay pots nearly blowing off their lids to expose steaming, flavor-packed broths, and moist, marinated meats represent the well-balanced flavors, fresh ingredients, and deftness of Cantonese cooking techniques.

It's enough to make you kick yourself for not stopping in sooner.

Here's an excerpt from this week's review on New Hong Kong's clay pots:

"They arrive at your table shaking and nearly boiling over, their lids removed to reveal a cloud of steam and the intoxicating aromas of the ingredients within: a mouthwatering magic act of -- ta-da! -- Chinese comfort food. There are chunks of tender beef brisket and large white pieces of radish-like daikon with bits of star anise and chunks of ginger; nuggets of strongly flavored bone-in mutton cut with flat yellow pieces of bean curd and fermented bean curd paste; and chewy spirals of pork stomach with scallions and peppercorns that, despite its offal-ness, was the clear winner at my table."

Hungry for more? Read the full review here.

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