New Ice Cream Shop on Camelback Seems Like It Missed the New Ice Cream Shop Memo

The other night, I happened upon a new ice cream shop in the strip mall on Camelback (Camelback and 7th Street), in Central Phoenix, between H.B. Hanratty's Pub and Two Hippies Beach House.

Called Sweet Sensation and only open a week, the owner told me he's serving Blue Bell Ice Cream and gelato imported from Italy. There's also a sign on the window that says, "Retro Gummy Candy."

Hm. Maybe it's me, folks, but I'm a little worried about Sweet Sensation for a few reasons...

1.) The Blue Bell Ice Cream Two trends out there right now: make your own product and/or source it locally. I'm not sure Texas-based Blue Bell Ice Cream, sold in seventeen states, is differentiating enough for customers to stop by.

2.) The Competition If folks are looking for national-chain ice cream treats, there's a Dairy Queen and a Culver's just a few blocks away. If they want home made, The Gelato Spot makes its own gelato and is about five minutes away.

3.) Retro Gummy Candy Okay, not a huge point, but what does this mean?

Sure, I want to see mom-and-pop places like Sweet Sensation thrive, but given the ho-hum offerings in a location with lots of good choices already, I'm worried the sweetness won't last.

What do you think?

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