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New in Phoenix: Thai E-San

Remember when we were complaining that there weren't enough Asian restaurants in downtown Phoenix? Well, now there's one more. It's called Thai E-San and--if the menu is anything to go by--it looks like it might just do the trick.

Thai E-San (translating to "North of Thailand") provides a sample of fare from the owner's home village of Nakorn Phanom, where it's customary to combine the flavors of Thai, Laos and Vietnamese food. Some of the more unusual delicacies include fish cakes with sweet-and-sour cucumber salad, Thai pork-stuffed sausage and pickled-crab and papaya salad.

And, of course, they also make the classics--Pad Thai, assorted green, red and coconut curries and other noodle dishes.

Located at 7th Avenue and Indian School (616 W Indian School Rd.) Thai E-San is open for lunch and dinner, 11am-9pm, Monday-Thursday, 11am-10pm Friday, 12pm-10pm Saturday and 12pm-9pm Sunday.

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Malia Politzer
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