New in Scottsdale: Lee's Cream Liqueur Ice Cream Parlor

I've never met Lee Turner, but I think she's a gal after my own heart.

​Why do I say that? She just opened her own ice cream parlor in Old Town Scottsdale, Lee's Cream Liqueurs, and she's got a great aesthetic, with a pink, brown, and white color palette and an adorable logo. Her website banner has old-fashioned stripes, and the tagline is appealing: "A childhood treat with adult sophistication."

You guessed it: Turner's creamy frozen creations are for the 21-and-older crowd, the result of her own culinary experiments mixing booze into homemade ice cream. They contain five percent alcohol.

She makes flavors without liqueur, too (nine different ones, actually, from chocolate and vanilla to matcha), but I'm interested in seeing what kind of sweet buzz a scoop of Kahlua or Champagne or pina colada ice cream might create. 

Lee's Cream Liqueur opens at 11 a.m., Tuesdays through Sundays at 7137 E. Stetson Dr., Ste. 10, in Scottsdale; call 480-776-9899.

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