New NoRTH Location Being Built in Arcadia, May Serve Breakfast

What used to be a hand car wash (and a damn good one, too) on 40th Street and Camelback in Arcadia has been leveled, making way for a new NoRTH location, courtesy of restaurateur Sam Fox.

The new restaurant will be the third NoRTH restaurant in Arizona (the two others are in Kierland and Tucson), and rumor has it that in addition to its lunch and dinner selections of modern Italian cuisine, this particular NoRTH will be doing breakfast as well.

Does the new NoRTH worry neighbors The Grind across the street who are also in the process of opening their new restaurant concept? And what about the construction site robbery that happened over the weekend?

Folks over at The Grind didn't seem to be concerned about the impending competition across the street. Maybe because they've been busy working on their new spinoff going in right next door, a rotisserie chicken and fowl fare concept called "Chick."

"The restaurants will all be different from one another," an employee of The Grind told me. "And that's good for the area."

He's right. In addition to the newest NoRTH location and The Grind's spinoff, Chick, the little culinary corner that could is also home to the still-popular Chelsea's Kitchen across the canal and Valley staple Vincent's on Camelback around the corner.

A source tells me the new NoRTH location is slated to open in the fall, but that the construction site was robbed of tools and supplies over the weekend, which might slow down the process.

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