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New Starbucks Opens Next to Urban Beans in Phoenix; State Senator Katie Hobbs Calls for a Flash Mob Today to Protest

When Starbucks, the Earth's largest chain of coffee houses, decided a good place to plop its newest store (one of 20,891 locations in 62 countries) was right next to Urban Beans, the Midtown java shop owned by Virginia Senior (who also owns its wine bar, Tertio), state Senator Katie Hobbs and Get Your PHX founder and realtor Ken Clark said hell no.

Today, the two are calling for a flash mob to support the four-year-old local business.

Here's how you can help.

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A Facebook event regarding today's flash mob reads as follows:

"Senator Katie Hobbs and Get Your PHX founder Ken Clark are calling for a FLASH MOB TO SUPPORT URBAN BEANS.

When you are a locally owned business and you have a good thing going, some national chains see that and use their power to take a slice out of your business.

This is happening on the corner of Seventh Street and Osborn Road, where Virginia Senior's Urban Beans Coffee shop has been a source for good coffee, food and community meeting space.

But those national chains don't care that taking even 10 percent of a local business' customers could be disastrous to the business, their employees, and the community.

In fact, it often is part of their business model to take those customers.

Please support Virginia and Urban Beans. Drop by Urban Beans tomorrow, the day the chain-who-shall-not-be-named opens its doors. Have a cup of coffee, lunch, a beer, some wine or even dinner.

This is a crucial time for the local business. As Local First AZ's Kimber Lanning tells us, when you spend your money at a local business, more money goes to schools, police, and fire."

So far, the event has attracted over 200 who say they'll be attending.

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