New Times Food Critic Laura Hahnefeld Featured in Best Food Writing 2011

Our former Fry Girl and now full-time food critic, Laura Hahnefeld, has some good news. She and another award-winning Village Voice Media writer, Jonathan Kauffman of SF Weekly, have had their work selected for this year's annual anthology, 2011 Best Food Writing, published by Da Capo.

Hahnefeld's "Fry Girl's Year of Eating Dangerously," earned her a place in the book. If you haven't read her piece from January of this year, you should. She takes her work very seriously and it took her all the way to the hospital. The hazards of a food writer's job. Yikes.

Kauffman was recognized for his piece on "Shark's Fin -- Understanding the Political Soup," which examines why it's such a controversial dish around the globe.

We are so lucky to have Laura -- whether you agree with her opinions or not -- one thing you can't deny, she's a talented writer. Case in point, her latest review of Bonfire Grill. Have you read it? It's stellar.

What do you think? Should we read Best Food Writing 2011 for one of our Chow Bella Book Club picks?

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