New Times Launches Food and Beverage Job Listing Site

New Times Launches Food and Beverage Job Listing Site

We've written about the difficulties restaurant owners and chefs are having finding good staff in both the front and back of the house. For reasons no one can quite pin down, restaurants and bars -- from fine dining to fast-casual spots -- are facing staff shortages all over town.

To help connect these owners with the right staff, New Times has launched a new food and beverage industry help wanted program. It allows restaurant and bar owners to reach out to possible employees in three different ways, including through a new food and beverage job listing microsite within the New Times site.

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The new program will connect job seekers with open positions through the Phoenix bar and restaurant jobs listing site. The restaurant jobs site will be a digital posting board for available restaurant and bar jobs around the Valley.

Restaurant owners can also have jobs posted in the print copy of the paper. Job ads can be placed in the "Service Industry Jobs" section or in the employment section. There are two packages priced at $40 and $60 that include ads in both sections.

Currently job listings on the microsite are free.

For more information about the Industry Check program, restaurant and bar owners can email Andrew Meister at

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