New Twists on the Old Fashioned

Traditional cocktails are back in a major way, and there's no drink that embodies old fashioned imbibing quite like the—um, well, like the Old Fashioned.

Over the last few years, the drink has surged in popularity as Mad Men bad-boy ad-boy Don Draper's favorite libation, but much like Draper's attitude toward women, the Old Fashioned could use a bit of an update for the 21st century. Check out some variations on this classic cocktail.

While die-hard Old Fashioned drinkers often squabble over details, the traditional cocktail is generally made with bourbon whiskey, Angostura bitters, orange peel and sometimes a cherry garnish.

One easy way to play with this recipe is to substitute brandy, rye or scotch whiskey for the bourbon, or even cut it with Southern Comfort, but if you're not too much of a traditionalist it's a lot more fun to add an additional flavor, like maple, for instance.

Maple Old Fashioned 2 oz. Macallan 12-year Scotch 1/4 oz. pure maple syrup 2 dashes Urban Moonshine's Organic Maple Bitters orange peel

Cut a large piece of orange peel (just the orange part, not the white) and drop it an an old fashioned cocktail glass. Add the maple syrup and maple bitters. Press (but don't smush) the orange peel with a muddler. Add the scotch, then the ice.

If maple doesn't please your palate, go fruity.

Applejack Old Fashioned

1 dash orange bitters 1/2 oz. sweet vermouth 2 oz. Applejack brandy cherry garnish

Pour the vermouth and orange bitters into a 6-ounce rocks glass, then add the Applejack, followed by the ice. Stir gently, then add drop a cherry into the mix and serve.

If you're too lazy to try it at home, go to Shady's when Ted's working and he'll fix you a Ginger Old Fashioned that'll blow your mind.

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