New Year's 2011 in Metro Phoenix: One-Stop Guide to Where to Dine, What to Drink and Year-End Musings

Looks like we made it. 2012 is just about here.

If you're a last-minute planner, you're in luck. Here's Shannon Armour's guide to New Year's Eve dining (we're sure there are still reservations available somewhere) and Benjamin Leatherman's comprehensive list of where to party

Erica O'Neil found lucky black eyed peas

Don't forget to take Zach Fowle's advice on how to open your champagne bottle (with a saber!) and which beer to mix your New Year's Day mimosa with. Here's our Wine School guide to sparkling wines, too. 

More musings after the jump. 

Here' s a last look at all things 2011 in the world of food, including critic Laura Hahnefeld's picks for best new restaurants, favorite first tastes and the most memorable things she put in her mouth

And, of course, some sad goodbyes and a few awkward moments from the year in food.

Looking ahead, we've got Jennifer Woods' national trend predictions, and Hahnefeld's local crystal-ball gazings

Wishing you a safe and festive New Year's celebration, and a tasty year ahead. Chow Bella's got a lot in store for you in 2012 -- see you next year! 

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