New York Stages Lunch-Out Tomorrow. Is Phoenix Next?

​During the week, how long do you take for lunch? An hour? Fifteen minutes?

Or do you simply munch away on a crappy microwave meal or a pitiful yogurt cup while still working at your desk? Yeah, don't bother denying it. If you're like most Americans, your weekday lunch has gone the way of pension plans and fully paid health benefits.


Starting tomorrow, June 23, a group of "rebels" inspired by Tony Schwartz' book The Way We're Working Isn't Working will descend on Manhattan's Madison Square Park to literally take back their one-hour lunch breaks every Wednesday throughout the summer. 

And they're encouraging folks in other cities to do it too. What better excuse for a Phoenix foodie to go enjoy a delicious restaurant meal in your downtime!  

Back in our parents' day, workers were actually paid during their lunch hour. And everyone took a lunch break, from the lowliest secretary to the head honcho. *GASP* Can you imagine?

But enough preaching to the choir. The Energy Project, which "offers organizations and individuals a ground-breaking, science-based approach to fueling sustainable personal energy" is prompting cities around the globe to organize "Take Back Your Lunch" Meetups for people to get together and enjoy a real meal and an hour break. So far only 25 people have signed up for tomorrow's New York luncheon Meetup, and no one's signed up to host a Phoenix-area version.

Come on, fellow Phoenicians. Studies show that taking breaks actually improves job performance, so really, that hour benefits your company as much it does you. So, who's game for a Phoenix Lunch-Out next week?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.