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Newsflash: You Have to Be Bitchy to Make it in Beverly Hills, in this week's "TV Dinner"

If TV has taught us anything about Beverly Hills, it's that it's full of super-rich, catty a-holes who are beautiful, own Chihuahuas, and are anti-Clampett. For once, can't somebody tell these folks where they can stick their Chanel?

Hey, maybe someone on Food Network's new scripted reality show, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, premiering this Friday, April 9, will give the wealthy a what-for. Let's see: Six chefs working for a company called Big City Chef's (which specializes in private catering) have to kiss ass to their eccentric, bitchy clientele. But wait, the chefs are bitchy, too. And catty. And crazy. And no one mentions what the food's like. Hmm...

Sounds like Food Network's working awfully hard on the bells and whistles in this Beverly Hills broadcast. Will it be brilliant or boring? Feel free to comment below.

In other TV news this week, the war that nobody cares about, Food Wars, will be in Tucson settling the "battle" between two eateries over who has the best Sonoran-style hot dog, Jamie battles DJ all-of-America-hates-you Rod on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, and Chef Ramsay revisits a couple of past conquests and reflects on his most memorable kitchen fights (fun!), on Kitchen Nightmares.

What are you gonna watch? Check out the must-see food show listings after the jump.

Monday (April 5)

Ultimate Cake Off: Roller Derby-themed cakes are created by three master pastry chefs. 9 p.m., TLC

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: "Techniques Special." The techniques chefs utilize to prepare and cook various cuisines. 10 p.m., Travel Channel

Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives: "Triple D Goes Hawaiian." Guy Fieri visits Hawaii. Stops include a hot dog joint serving homemade lobster dogs; and an authentic luau, where a whole roasted pig is on the menu. 10 p.m., Food Network

Tuesday (April 6)

Chopped: "Rattle and Roll." Rattlesnake meat and red jalapeños are among the featured ingredients. 10 p.m., Food Network

(*Local Focus!) Food Wars: "Tucson." A trip to Tucson features a battle between El Guero Canelo and BK's Carne Asada and Hot Dogs over who has the best Sonoran-style hot dog. 10 p.m., Travel Channel

Wednesday (April 7)

Dinner: Impossible: "Balloon Blowup." Chef Irvine cooks for 200 people at the Red Rock Balloon Rally in Gallup, New Mexico. 10 p.m., Food Network

Thursday (April 8)

Martha Stewart Show: "Vegetarian Recipes With Andie MacDowell." A vegetarian recipe for black-pepper tofu and soba oodles with actor Andie MacDowell. 9 a.m., Channel 15, ABC

Modern Marvels: "Soft Drinks." Soft drinks are examined. Included: a segment on Dr. Pepper; Hansen's all-natural soda; Gatorade; energy drinks; ginger ale and root beer; and the Slurpee. 8 p.m., History Channel

Friday (April 9)

Good Morning America: Chef Jamie Oliver. 7 a.m., Channel 15, ABC.

The Doctors: "Are You at Risk?" Chef Jamie Oliver on healthier eating. Also: a report on foods served in schools. 2 p.m., Channel 3 KTVK

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: Jamie makes a bet with DJ Rod that he can teach 1,000 people to cook in just one week, and he recruits Marshall University students to help him win. 8 p.m., Channel 15, ABC

Kitchen Nightmares: "Revisited #2." Chef Ramsay revisits Sante La Brea (in L.A.) and Giuseppi's (in Macomb Township, Michigan), two restaurants he helped in the past, and he evaluates their progress. Also: Ramsay reflects on noteworthy kitchen fights he's had. 8 p.m., Channel 10, FOX

(*New Show!) Private Chefs of Beverly Hills: "In the Doghouse." Chefs cater a camping trip for a group of young millionaires in Santa Barbara, California in the premiere of this unscripted series about an L.A.-based private-chef placement agency that caters to the most discriminating -- and over-the-top -- clientele. 10 p.m., Food Network

Saturday (April 10)

30-Minute Meals: "Return of a Classic." Chicken and dumplings with a Spanish twist. 10 a.m., Food Network

Down Home With the Neelys: "Memphis Morsels." Garlic grilled lamb chops; homemade soup with Swiss chard, chickpeas and ham; cider-poached apples with pecans. 11 a.m., Food Network

Sunday (April 11)

Alex's Day Off: "A Birthday Dinner." Soy, braised duck with a green peppercorn glaze; lentils with cippolini onions cooked in duck fat; yellow birthday cake with marshmallow frosting. 9:30 a.m., Food Network

Big Daddy's House: "Dynamite Dinner." On the menu: grilled chicken chops with roasted-garlic-and-chive puree; leek-and-pancetta hash; and sweet-corn spoon bread. 1:30 p.m., Food Network

Food Network Challenge: "Extreme Villain Cakes." Four pastry chefs invent original villains and tell their stories via cake. 8 p.m., Food Network

Ultimate Recipe Showdown: "Cakes & Desserts." Four amateur bakers prepare their winning dessert recipes in a $25,000 cooking contest. 9 p.m., Food Network

Iron Chef America: "Cora vs. Smith." Seattle chef Holly Smith challenges Iron Chef Cat Cora. 10 p.m., Food Network

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