Next Week: Bud Light Fiesta

For college football fans, it's a chance to tailgate, celebrate, and socialize. And for anybody else, it's a chance to chow down on two-buck nibbles from local restaurants, take in some live music, and enjoy the glory of January in Arizona. While the rest of the country is digging itself out from under a pile of snow, we're having outdoor festivals and drinking beer.

The Scottsdale Waterfront is about to become a hub of action leading up to the January 10 BCS National Championship Game, with the Bud Light Fiesta from January 3 through 9.

ESPN will be broadcasting live starting Monday afternoon, and there will be a $2 Tailgate Party starting at 11 a.m. daily, with everybody from P.F. Chang's to Petite Maison creating special dishes just for the occasion (a selection of six dishes from participating restaurants will be available each day; see what they'll be serving on the next page). Eats will be offered until 7 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, and 'til 3 p.m. Wednesday through Friday.

Thursday through Sunday (January 6 - 9), the festival will become an even bigger affair -- three acres! -- with a replica football field set up next to the Scottsdale Waterfront (yep, they've laid sod on that big dirt lot). Along with much more food and drink, there will also be games, pep rallies, live music, and more live ESPN broadcasts.

Admission is free, and VIP tickets are $50.

Dos Gringos

  • carne asada tacos w/cabbage,

pico de gallo + sour cream

  • baja shrimp tacos w/cabbage,

baja sauce + mango salsa


  • butterscotch pudding

Marcellino Ristorante

  • hand-crafted pasta paccatelli -

hand-cut, toothsome pasta 

served w/hearty sausage + ragu

Mission Ristorante

  • pork tacos w/morita pineapple

barbeque glaze, handmade tortilla,

avocado + cabbage

Tapas Papa Frita

  • piquillo peppers

Culinary Dropout

  • grilled cheese sliders

Eddie's House

  • Tillamook mac-n-cheese

The Herb Box

  • short rib tacos w/queso, 

roasted corn-avocado salsa, 

char-grilled red onion + micro cilantro

Metro Brasserie

  • pulled pork crostini 

w/pickled vegetables, chilies + mint

Petite Maison

  • polute roti - an herb-marinated 

roasted chicken drumstick

P.F. Chang's

  • beef kogi

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