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Next Week: Digestif Hosts Top Chef Stephanie Izard

The torturous thing about watching Bravo's Top Chef is that it tends to leave viewers with insatiable cravings for food that only exists in TV land. You watch the chefs hustle to create a dish, you cheer them on... and then, you go to bed very, very hungry.

So here's your chance to actually eat the fine creations of Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard -- a Scottsdale Culinary Institute grad -- instead of simply drooling at the thought of it.

Apparently Izard hit it off with the folks at Digestif when she was in town for the Eats3 culinary fest, so she's making a return visit on Wednesday, December 17, to cook an eight-course meal with chefs Payton Curry and Tracy DempseySommelier Sariya Jarasviroj Brown, from wine importer Vin Divino, will serve Austrian wines with each course.

The dinner's $95 a head (call 480-425-WINE for a res), and the menu is subject to change, but check out the current draft: Chef Steph at Digestif.doc -- Michele Laudig 

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Michele Laudig
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