Nine Favorite Mac and Cheese Dishes in Metro Phoenix

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Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe There's nothing pretentious about the mac and cheese at this soul food staple. This straightforward side dish is good for those in search of something more traditional -- no seasoned bread crumbs or fancy meats and cheeses here. Best of all, it pairs well with the foods that Mrs. White has truly made a name for like Southern fried chicken and smothered pork chops.

The Main Ingredient Ale House & Café Whether you're a regular or not, it's pretty easy to feel immediately at home at The Main Ingredient Ale House & Café, with its welcoming patio, generous beer list, and a homestyle helping of grub. Take the Mindy's Mac and Cheese -- a sizable wedge of XL noodles and cheddar cheese, packed with mild green chiles, then baked and served with a side of crunchy bread. It's a portion size only a mother would approve.

Windsor Trendy food meets equally trendy people at this Central Phoenix gastropub. With its rocking music playlist, craft cocktails, and twisted traditional dishes, it's easy enough to overlook one of the most mainstream menu items in the joint -- the mac and cheese. Contrary to its hip surroundings, the mac and cheese at Windsor is simple -- super-creamy, damn near runny, sauce-coated noodles topped with a light coating of bread crumbs and served in a tiny tin casserole dish. It's edible proof that some things never go out of style.

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