Noca's Italian Wine Dinner and Mexican Pizzas in Today's Eater's Digest

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Noca's Italian Wine Dinner
Leave it to Noca to take their January 27th wine dinner to a whole new level of awesome. Not only will the wine be shipped straight to Noca from Italy, the guest chef for the night will be too. Produttori del Barbaresco in Italy is a wine co-op made up of 60 members who farm nebbiolo grapes from their vineyards in Barbaresco. The dinner will feature the co-op's 1997 & 1999 Rabaja Riserva, 2004 & 2005 Montfico Riserva, and the 2008 Nebbiolo Delle Langhe. Produttori's favorite chef, Maurizo Albarello of Trattoria Antica-Torre will be tagging along to cook up his specialty tajarin & agnolotti del plin pastas. $100 ++ per person. Reservations can be made by calling 602-956-6622. Click here for the full menu.  

Taco Tuesday!
We are straying from the norm this week and going out on a limb with Mexican pizzas! It's still technically made up of all things taco, just on a pizza crust, with a lot of cheese, minus the meat, and well, okay it's not really a taco at all but we want pizza and we don't want to wait till Friday. A Couple Cooks Mexican Pizza looks amazing with lots of seasoned black beans and cheese. Don't bother making your own crust, just swing by Whole Foods and pick up pre-made pizza crust dough. Fiesta!  

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