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Nocawich Now Serving Gourmet Hot Dogs and Housemade Soft Serve; Adding Doughnuts Soon

For a while now Noca's fast-casual lunch program, Nocawich, has been a go-to place for an affordable gourmet lunch. The selection of top-notch sandwiches features high-quality ingredients -- like everything at owner Eliot Wexler's restaurant -- and will set you back just about $10. We're talking about excellent creations like The Dolly, an $8 'wich loaded with fried chicken, slaw, pickles, and honey hot aioli.

Now Wexler and his chefs are expanding the restaurant's lunchtime offerings to include some pretty fun items. They've started serving gourmet hot dog such as "The Speedy" (pictured above) made with Schreiner's Fine Sausage's hot dogs and served on Sonoran hot dog-style buns sourced from La Reyna Bakery.

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The $6 hot dog is made with Schreiner's New York dog (a mix of beef and pork) that's topped with housemade chili, queso fresco, creama, pickled jalapenos, and fired tortilla strips. There's also the "The Great Cornholio," Nocawich's elevated corn dog. It's a Schreiner's spicy beer hot sausage wrapped in a thin fried batter and smothered in Calabrian bacon cream corn, tomatillo salsa, and parmesan cheese.

On the sweet side, Nocawich is currently serving housemade soft serve. The flavors will vary from day to day but will range from classics like vanilla to the more exotic chocolate sesame.

And soon, you'll be able to get the soft serve atop one of the restaurant's doughnuts.

Wexler and his chefs are still tweaking the recipes but all of the doughnuts will be made from a cake doughnut dough, which allows them to create flavors by incorporating ingredients directly into the doughnuts -- as opposed to strictly though glaze and toppings.

Look forward to flavors like:

- Pistachio and sour cherry doughnut with lemon buttermilk glaze and crumbled pistachios - Early Grey tea doughnut with orange glaze and crushed peanuts - Coconut cardamom doughnut with vanilla glaze and toasted coconut

Wexler says the doughnuts will be available within the next week. We got a sneak preview taste and though some of the flavors definitely needed some tweaks, we can't wait for them to be available on the regular menu.

Keep an eye on the Restaurant Noca Facebook for when that happens.

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