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Now Open: Karey's Kitchen

Don't be surprised to hear your stomach growl if you look at the menu at brand-new Karey's Kitchen, which bills itself as a "Filipino-Mexican Fusion Cafe." The food sounds mouthwatering.

Along with South of the Border fare like flautas and chimichangas, the eatery offers Filipino treats such as lumpia (pork eggrolls), pancit (pan-fried noodles), and cassava cake. Owner Karen Hough (whose background is Filipino, Spanish, and German) says the chicken adobo burrito is a house specialty.

Karey's Kitchen is tucked away behind the Blockbuster at the northeast corner of 40th Street and Thomas (4041 E. Thomas), in a building that used to be a drive-thru liquor store. Currently, the restaurant isn't offering drive-thru service, but they're considering it.

"We're really popular with the flight attendants, who want to get their food to go," says Hough.

Karey's Kitchen is open Monday through Saturday, from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Michele Laudig
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