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Now Open: ShinBay

Sushi lovers rejoice, Scottsdale has a brand new sushi joint open just in time for summer.

Shinji Kurita, sushi chef and former owner of the now-closed Awhatukee sushi spot, ShinBay, quietly opened the doors of his latest project last Wednesday. Once again named ShinBay, the traditional-style Japanese eatery will offer an ever-changing menu featuring fresh sushi and raw fish plus cooked meats and seafood dishes along with a variety of steamed, stewed and one-pot dishes.

One thing you won't find on this menu is a section of ridiculously named rolls, instead look for a selection of nigiri made with non-traditional ingredients such as foie gras and topped with soy-roasted chilies or exotic eggplant.

We are promised that the Japanese beer will flow and the Saki list will impress.

Tucked away in the upscale strip-mall at Indian Bend and Scottsdale Road, ShinBay is currently serving a very limited menu Wednesday through Sunday from 5 to 10 p.m. Look for the Japanese lantern to guide you to the front door.

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Shannon Armour
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