Now That's How You Fry a Cadbury Creme Egg

A little over a week ago I committed an act of culinary terrorism in my own kitchen and put it on video. I learned (all right, I kind of guessed the outcome) that treating a Cadbury creme egg like an actual egg is a great way to fry up a mess of charred caramel and make my roommates wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

Surely, I thought after looking at my fry pan (now a casualty of war), Cadbury creme eggs are best enjoyed the way those sugar-obsessed geniuses at Cadbury Chocolate intended; popped in your mouth after removing a coating of sticky foil. Trying to cook with the damn things could only yield disaster, I decided.

I was wrong.

Barb Harris, one half of a cooking blog called Feeding Frenzy, has shown me the light with a creme eggs-periment of her own. She infused pancake batter with the essence of bacon. She dipped those chocolate eggs full of fondant directly into the batter and deep fried them. The result, as she explains on Feeding Frenzy's Facebook page is like "a hot crispy donut, chocolate frosted, with a strip of bacon on top!" Let me repeat the key word of that last sentence: bacon.

Kudos to Barb for frying a Cadbury Creme egg the right way.

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