NYPD's Trades Pizza for Blankets and Rich Cocoa Brownies in Today's Eater's Digest

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Blanket = Pizza
NYPD Pizza needs your new blankets and sleeping bags -- and they're willing to trade you for a cheese pizza. The charitable pizza joint has teamed up with Blanketing Arizona to help get warm blankets to those in need before Christmas. Drop off up to four blankets or sleeping bags to any one of the ten NYPD locations and you'll receive a certificate for one free 14" cheese pizza per blanket. The blanket drive starts today and runs through Thursday. NYPD will then distribute meals and blankets to those in need on Christmas Eve morning. For more info check out NYPD's Facebook page.

14 Days of December Desserts - Day 11
We're getting down to the holiday baking wire folks. Hanukkah starts tomorrow evening and Christmas is just four days away -- you better get your rear end in the kitchen pronto! Today's holiday dessert comes in the form of rich chocolatey brownies from Katie at Honeycomb Foods. Top these goodies with a generous dusting of crushed peppermints and you'll have yourself one decadent pan of holiday brownies. Click here for the recipe.

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