Odell Brewing Company Breaks into AZ Market


Here's something for beer drinkers to look forward to in 2009: the debut of Odell Brewing Company's beers in the Grand Canyon State.

Starting in January, you'll be able to find four different beers from this green, sustainable microbrewery out of Fort Collins, Colorado. There's an English-style ale called the 90 Shilling, the Easy Street Wheat, 5 Barrel Pale Ale, and an IPA.

I've never tried these brews, so I'm definitely intrigued. (I admit, I think the label designs look pretty cool, too.) And who knows? Maybe if Odell's beers catch on in Arizona, they'll start bringing in the Woodcut as well -- it's a limited edition beer that's aged in oak barrels and hand-corked in 750 ml bottles. -- Michele Laudig 


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