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Open Table's Top 50 Hot Spots List and a Side of Bacon Jam in Today's Eater's Digest

Looks like

Open Table

is more then just an easy way to make sure you have a table at your favorite dining destinations; it's also becoming a go-to resource for reviews. Diners are now using Open Table as a forum to rant or rave about their dining experiences and dole out the appropriate number of ever-so-important "stars" based upon whether or not the restaurant met their standards (whatever those may be).

Just last week Open Table released their list of Top 50 Hot Spots in the country based on user reviews. Congratulations to Scottsdale sushi joint Sapporo who managed to squeak on to the list at 34. Sadly, they are the only Arizona restaurant to make it on the list which is mostly dominated by hot spots from New York, California, and Florida. 

Bacon Jam
Is anyone else starting to get tired of the bacon trend? We love the stuff, but seriously, enough is enough. The next big craze in land of cured pork is Bacon Jam. That's right a jam made out of bacon that you can put on toast or eggs or whatever else you think needs a porky pick-me-up. We have mixed feelings. Guess we'll have to make it for ourselves to find out how obsession worthy it really is.

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