Orange Table's House Blend

Orange Table is a great place to get breakfast, especially you're planning to visit the nearby Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. And if you need help getting your eyes peeled to take in the art, Orange Table's got some great coffee, too.

We stopped by recently and tried their house blend for the first time. 

The Orange Table house blend is strong, and surprisingly smooth. Swirls of oil from the coffee beans were visible at the top of the brew, but there was no bitterness to the flavor. The blend seemed naturally sweet, so we didn't add much sugar (the aftertaste reminded us of coffee nips candy).

We almost asked the barista to put a shot of espresso in the house blend, but it wasn't needed in the end. We got halfway through our cup of house blend, and we were raring to go. This is the kind of coffee that you can nurse all day to maintain a steady level of alertness.

The only thing we'd do differently next time is order some of Orange Table's delicious-smelling breakfast food to go with our java.

Orange Table is located at 7373 E. Scottsdale Road, Suite 6, in Scottsdale. Call 480-424-6819 for more information.


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