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Our List of the Top Six Thankgiving Lists: Turkey-Flavored Doritos, Clogged Toilets and The Kids Table

We love lists but let's face it -- nothing is going to top last year's Thanksgiving Cake. Nothing. So this Thanksgiving we decided not to put together our own list of ridiculousness but instead take a look at of our favorite Thanksgiving lists from this year and a couple from years past.

So here it is -- our list of lists...

6.'s 5 Thanksgiving Disasters You're Probably Not Prepared for -- Poisoning you're guests, the three B's, kids, where's everyone going to sit? This list sums up everything that can and most likely will go wrong at your holiday gathering.

5. Denver Westword Cafe Society's Get Your Dinner from the Dollar Tree (w/photos) -- On a budget? Then you don't want to miss the, um, ah-mazing "dinner" our siblings at Cafe Society in Denver put together. Pickles and canned beets anyone?

4. Sloshspot's 9 Ways to Systematically Ruin Thanksgiving -- The words still ring true in this list from last Thanksgiving. Clogging the toilet, PETA videos and other Thanksgiving no no's. 

3. The FW's 10 Turkey Flavored Foods that Look Disgusting --
This is where you can get another peak at last years now classic Thanksgiving Cake and more turkey flavored chips then you knew existed (more then one!).

2. SFWeekly's Thanksgiving Pie Chart -- Did you know that turkey only accounts for eight percent of Thanksgiving? The rest is made up of awesome things like hangovers and pie.

1. The Oatmeal's Thanksgiving -- Thanksgiving as a kid vs.Thanksgiving as an adult. Obviously it's more fun to be kid and thanks to the oatmeal's handy illustrations, we can be reminded of exactly what we're missing.

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