Overpriced Fruity Treats and Orange Sports Cars at Vincent's, in This Week's "Just Desserts"

Run! Run for your lives! The flaming ball at the center of our solar system has crashed in the center of the parking lot of Vincent's on Camelback! We're doomed!

Oh, wait, never mind. It's just an orange Lamborghini driven by a recession-proof rich dude in search of an overpriced breakfast. He's come to the right place.

The outdoor patio/parking lot of Vincent's Camelback Market seems like the perfect place to enjoy fruity fare on a beautiful spring morning. And it is -- if you've won the lottery, received an inheritance, or just sold your collection of 1/18-scale military aircraft. Oh, and also if you don't mind crowded pathways, waiting forever for a place to sit, and allowing purebred dogs and Bellyitch strollers to trample your toes.

The fare this morning? A mixed berry tart with cream and a raspberry fruit pizza. Let's take a taste.

Was it worth it? Find out after the jump.

The raspberry pizza was pastry-perfect: Flaky, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth goodness with fresh strawberries and crazy-good custard. The price tag was $5. It probably could have been $4, but this pastry gets a pass for its can't-go-wrong taste and share-worthiness.

The individual mixed fruit tart was pabulum with a $5.50(!) price tag. The fruit was fabulous but the shortbread crust was flat and tanked on the crumb test, and its vanilla pastry cream was more texture than taste.

Got a few extra bucks and don't mind the ruckus of the rich? Don those D & G shades and get down to Vincent's Camelback Market -- but skip the fruit tarts, and don't get too close to the orange Lamborghini.

Vincent's on Camelback 3930 East Camelback Road 602-224-0225 www.vincentsoncamelback.com

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