Paletas from Realeaza Michoacana

Tacos may very well be the perfect food, but let's face it, the standard Meximerican fare can get a bit stale after a while. Taco the Town is here to highlight some of the more unusual Mexican finds in the Valley.

This week: served up by Realeza Michoacana.

¿Como se dice?: Sick of the rock hard frozen snow cones and corn syrup popsicles from your local ice cream man? Pack up the kids and take them to a paleteria instead, where they'll get a fresh fruity treat instead of an over-processed, syrupy sugar high. Realeza Michoacana is one of our all time favorite places to stop for paletas, raspados/chamoyadas, nieves/helados, aguas frescas, o escamochas. Plenty of cool treats to satisfy any sweet tooth.

(sink your teeth into all the icy details after the jump)

La Comida: Paletas are no different from the fruit pops you're probably already familiar with. One exception, they contain loads of fresh fruit in exotic flavor combos that your local ice cream truck probably doesn't bother stocking. That is, unless you're lucky enough to flag down one of the tiny paleteria carts being pushed around on foot.

El Sabor: We can just about guarantee that just about any fruity craving you may have can be satisfied in paleta form. If it's your first go round with these jewel-toned fruit bars, stick with the familiar frutas like strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, coconut, or banana. They also have some milky flavors too if you're looking for more of an ice cream pop.

As you grow to love these fruity treats (and you will love them), branch out to some of the more exotic flavors like guava, tamarind, and horchata. There's also a "cocktail" paleta if you're feeling the need for a mid-day frozen margarita. At Realeza Michoacana our favorite paleta is the mango chile, with chunks of fresh mango mixed into a salty, lime-infused, chile mango pop. It may sound like an odd combination, but the salty, spicy kick of chile and lime complements just about any sweet and fruity treat. It's oddly addictive.

Bring a bit of México to your kitchen: While they probably won't taste the same if you make them at home (there's just something about enjoying a pop outdoors on a hot summer day that makes it special), the internet abounds with recipes for paletas. So the next time you have fruit that's a little over-ripe and starting to turn, don't toss it. Turn it into perfectly pretty paletas instead!

Know of any Mexican gems in the Valley? Reveal your family secrets in the comment section.

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