Papago Brewing's 'Pliny On Tap' April Fool's Day Prank Backfires

​An April Fool's Day prank by Scottsdale's Papago Brewing backfired Friday.

In fact, the situation is bad enough that the brewpub -- one of the best beer bars in the country, according to several beer mags -- scrubbed Facebook exchanges about incident. Not before Chow Bella recorded the drama, however. (Lucky for us, we have friendly beer spies out there...)

Here's how it went down.

Friday night around 7 someone at the brewpub put up a Facebook status stating, "Pliney on tap!!!!! Today only..."

In case you're not the sort of beergeek who obsesses over such things, "Pliny" is the name of two beers by northern California's Russian River Brewing.

Pliny the Elder is considered one of the best IPAs in the world and is pretty rare, with no distribution in Arizona. It's scarce even in California. A tapping of Pliny would be a very big deal -- at least to snobby men with beards and potbellies.

A Pliny The Younger tapping, on the other hand, would be an epic event. The Younger ("PTY" to sudsheads) is a spring seasonal considered by Beer Advocate to be the very best beer on planet earth (check out BA's top beers from the Southwest here) which is made in very limited quantities. It's one of the most sought-after beers in the world. People literally fly out to Sonoma County just for a pint.


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