Pastrami Burrito at Burger Shoppe in West Phoenix Is a Protein-Rich Guilty Pleasure

The Guilty Pleasure: Pastrami Burrito Where To Get It: Burger Shoppe, 35th Avenue and Thomas Road Price: $6.79 What It Really Costs: One Grade A food coma.

For whatever reason, I don't make it out to the West Valley all that often. Once I get west of I-17, most of my mental map just reads "Here There Be Dragons." Goodness knows there are some utter gems waiting to be discovered just because I haven't gotten off my tuchus to do some exploring.

One of my informants tipped me off to an unusual guilty pleasure on the west side. I was told that a little mom-and-pop fast food joint had, of all things, a pastrami burrito. Naturally, my curiosity was piqued. Off I went in search of adventure.

My destination was Burger Shoppe on 35th Avenue and Thomas. Once I arrived, I was more than a little surprised by the variety on the menu, a panoply of international edibles. Of course they had burgers. They also had a selection of Mexican food, including the ubiquitous carne asada burrito. You want fish and chips? They've got 'em. Gyros? Sure, why not! And then, in the middle of the Mexican section of the menu, there's the pastrami burrito.

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After waiting a few minutes for my order number to be called, my steaming hot pastrami burrito arrived. At first, I thought the burrito looked a tad on the small size, especially compared to the hulking beasts available at every something-Berto's in the city. Then I noticed that aside from a squirt of mustard and a few pickle slices, this burrito was a solid mass of pastrami.

There had to be at least a full pound of pastrami wrapped in the tortilla. I'm going to guess it was closer to a pound and a half. I'm really glad my calendar was clear for the rest of the day, because nothing was going to happen except hardcore napping.

The burrito may have made a convert out of me. I love a good pastrami sandwich (especially the Straw at good ol' Miracle Mile Deli). In a burrito, the tortilla takes a back seat and lets the pastrami take center stage, but provides just enough structure that it doesn't feel like you're eating nothing but pastrami.

Now all I need is some excuse to find myself out in the avenues so I can have another one.

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