Patatas y Penelope: Dinner and a Movie

Staying in? We've got you covered -- both on the culinary and entertainment fronts. Now presenting Dinner and a Movie -- a guide to a do it yourself evening of food and film.

Film: Volver (2006)
Popcorn Alternative: Popcorn Iberico
Entrée: Tortilla Española
Beverage: Try a Rioja or other Spanish Red wine. Or, click here for a recipe for Sangria.

Flip the tortilla after the jump.

Film Breakdown: 

For this we melted butter with a dash of smoked paprika and cumin, then added a splash of olive oil. Once the popped corn is tossed with this mixture, we threw in some toasted, salted almonds, sliced dried figs, small pieces of manchego (or other Spanish style cheese), and then small pieces of Serrano ham. At least we wanted Serrano ham, but could not find any authentic Serrano on that shopping trip. So instead, we lightly crisped up some Italian Pancetta, and it did the trick. Bacon will work fine here as well.


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Michelle Martinez