Payton Curry Rolls Out New Menu at Caffe Boa

Caffe Boa owner Jay Wisniewski told me that new chef Payton Curry would eventually be changing up the menu at the upscale, wine-centric Tempe restaurant.

I guess in Curry's world, "eventually" happens fast. Fresh from his departure from the now-shuttered Digestif, he's already launched a brand-new menu of dishes inspired by the bounty of local farms like Seacat Gardens, McClendon Select, Maya's Farm, Singh Farms, and Black Mesa Ranch.

Sign me up for some of those roasted veal marrow bones with Hawaiian sea salt, McClendon's bitter greens, and Tawny Port syrup.

Lookie there, he's got lardo on the charcuterie list (lardo alert!), Fernet Branca short ribs tortelloni, squid ink linguine with wild burgundy escargot, yuzu cream, and Madeira (I have no resistance to yuzu), and Sonoma lamb loin with braised tepary beans, local carrots and bee pollen, mint breadcrumbs, and game jus.

Read on: new menu.pdf


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