Peanuts, shmeanuts: Fantasy foods at Chase Field

By Michele Laudig

So did you catch the New York Times' feature about food at ballparks around the country?

Phoenix gets props for its garlic fries, which I've eaten my fair share of, but that's about it. A creature of habit, I also go for either the Italian sausage sandwich or the Diamondback Dog with everything, along with one of those big-ass nine-dollar beers.

But there definitely could be more in the way of tasty options at D-Backs games. How about samosas? Or killer onion rings? Or sushi that doesn't totally suck? (I know it can be done -- I've been to a couple of Yomiuri Giants games at the Tokyo Dome.) A better beer selection would be pretty sweet, too.

What kinds of foods would you wish for at Chase Field? It's fun to dream, but I'm hoping that maybe the feedback might make its way to people who could make it a reality.


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