Blog for Pei Wei in Asia!
Blog for Pei Wei in Asia!

Pei Wei Seeks Blogger to Join Exec Chef in Asia

​I haven't had the day's first cup of coffee yet, but I'm practically jittery with excitement about this link that a my New Times colleague (and fellow hardcore blogging machine) James King sent me. 

Turns out, Pei Wei Asian Diner is on the lookout for a blogger to join chef Eric Justice and his culinary team on a seven-city, 16-day trip to Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, and Korea.

"The Pei Wei blogger will eat everything from street food to five-star cuisine, trek from remote villages to world-renowned cities, and meet everyone from rural farmers to cutting-edge chefs," reads the job description. "And along the way, he or she will capture the adventure on video, film and in daily blog posts."

Whoever wins the gig has to blog two or three times a day, and generally document the incredible sights, smells, and culinary inspirations encountered by the group. And the pay? A sweet $10,000. 

I wonder if my boss would give me two weeks' vacation in March 2011 . . . (not joking!).

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