Peixoto Coffee Brings Crop-to-Cup Brazilian Coffee to Chandler

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Located at the intersection of Arizona Avenue and Boston Street, Peixoto has joined other Chandler businesses in cultivating a unique identity for this particular stretch of the suburb. Boston Street is lined with historic mission-style buildings, that are quaint and western without being disingenuous. After passing a less charming mission-style Denny's, Jack-in-the-Box, and Circle K whilst en route to Peixoto, it was refreshing to come upon a street lined with vintage charm and local industry that we can only hope will eventually overtake the rest of the town.

The cafe itself is lofty and open, but still cozy. Each of the walls are painted black, with patches of exposed brick throughout; mis-matched charcoal grey chairs and tables provide ample seating. Chalkboard signage, burlap coffee sack throw pillows, and dangling Edison bulbs tie the space together.

Julia Peixoto Peters and her husband, Jeff Peters, founded Peixoto Coffee. Julia's father, Jose Augusto Peixoto, and his father before him, have been growing coffee in Brazil for nearly a century. Their farm, Fazenda Sao Jose da Boa Vista, is located in Minas Gerais in Southeastern Brazil, roughly five hours north of Sao Paolo. Jeff Peters is Peixoto Coffee's primary roaster, and works his magic on the beans in plain sight in the back corner of the cafe.

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