Peixoto in Chandler Launches Coffee Happy Hour: Nitro Cold Brew and Coffee Cocktails

Peixoto Coffee in Chandler recently started offering Coffee Happy Hour on select Friday evenings. The events go from 4 to 8 p.m. and allow coffee lovers to try a few of the cafe’s creative and non-alcoholic coffee cocktails.

Though the shop is still new to the Phoenix coffee scene, Peixoto has managed to find a nice balance between pushing innovation and maintaining product quality. And the cold brew (stored in kegs and fed through nitrogen taps) is creamy even without milk, making it reminiscent of a rich stout.

Peixoto hosted the first Coffee Happy Hour on June 5, when the shop debuted its Nitro Cold Brew (served in a pint glass) and a drink it calls Coconut Cold Brew (more about this in a moment). 

Manager Marisa Lown explains that happy hour at Peixoto is a special event for the shop. It won't happen every week, but there is another planned for July 10 from 4 to 8 p.m.  

"We anticipate holding [coffee happy hour] once or twice a month, as a community gathering as well as an opportunity to launch new beverages and highlight some of our unique offerings," Lown says. 

At Peixoto's second Happy Hour, we tried two lovely drinks, both of which featured the Nitro Cold Brew.

The first was the aforementioned Coconut Cold Brew, made with coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, and cold brew. Served over ice in a chilled martini glass with a toasted coconut rim, the drink was well-balanced and also just plain fun. The sweetened condensed milk was not too sweet, the coconut milk blended surprisingly well with the coffee, and the toasted coconut rim added a subtle toasty quality to the drink.  The second drink, the Nitro Float, featured a generous portion of vanilla Gelato Dolce Vita, topped with the shop's stout-like cold brew. We've never met a gelato we didn’t like, and the Dolce Vita was no exception. It paired exceptionally well with Peixoto’s malty, nitrogen-infused cold brew. The shop also offers an espresso and gelato Affogato made with Gelato Dolce Vita.

Peixoto’s Happy Hour shows a lot of promise, and we look forward to the new concoctions the shop will bring us later this month. To stay abreast of upcoming happy hour dates and featured coffee cocktails, we recommend visiting Peixoto's Facebook page.

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