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Pete DeRuvo Dishes on the Mouthwatering Italian Food He Grew Up On (You Will Be Jealous) and Praises Three Local Chefs (Although One Goes Un-named)

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Describe a typical family meal: Always a simple braised dish, usually pork shoulder with sausages and polpette; simple pasta, with a grating of cheese and dash of olive oil to bless it; greens were also a part of my daily intake, legume soups, and lesser high-end cuts that go longer on your buck and in your tummy. Our grander meals usually took place at Nonna's house where the house smelled of braciole, end cuts of liver's, tripe and bolito misto. Always fresh bread and table wine, where my grandfather Mike said the blessing, and our meals usually lasted the whole day -- plus hand-made desserts: biscotti, and ricotta cheesecake or Cassatta. Those were the days of innocence but they formed my views about how food should be made and enjoyed -- at the table with family.

Favorite thing to eat now: Different types of pastas and their sauces.

Weirdest thing you ever ate: Pig head stuffed with liver and pork farce. Wow!!

If you weren't a chef, you would be: A sculptor or painter.

Describe a meal you'll never forget: Eating for the first time in Tuscany at the estate I worked at. Cooking pizzas in the oven that was 120 years old, grilling Bistecca Fiorentina with a Piedmontese porterhouse, and eating among the sunflowers, enjoying the garden and gentle breeze that engulfed me during that time with friends, my chef and acquaintances that I will never forget.

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