Petite Maison: New French Country Bistro in the Works

When it opens sometime in the next six months, what might you expect to eat at Tapino chef James Porter's upcoming bistro, Petite Maison? Roasted heritage chicken from Willcox. Braised shortribs. A nice Nicoise salad with grilled fish. Some cheese, some charcuterie, and maybe a hot little souffle.

"Nothing super fancy," he says. "It's gonna be food for the people."

Inspired by Le Bouchon, a French bistro in Chicago, Porter leased the space at Scottsdale Road and Shoeman Lane that used to house Buckets and Baby Kay's; soon, the 1500-square-foot adobe building will get a whole new facade, a replica of a French country farmhouse.

Porter is really running with the "farm" idea. He plans on using as much Arizona produce and meat as possible. Expect the menu to be tweaked daily, depending on what's available.  

"I'm going to try to buy whole cattle, and have the mentality that I'm on a farm," he says. "I'm gonna butcher this cow, and I'm gonna sell all the pieces."

He'll also do a "European marketplace" in the parking lot on the weekends. Something similar to what Vincent's does, with fresh produce, meat, and cheese.

Petite Maison will be open daily, with a full lunch and dinner menu, plus chicory coffee and fresh beignets in the morning. 

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