Petite Maison Welcomes Dairy Farm Club

Buying local and eating farm-fresh food gets a little bit easier this week with the introduction of a Scottsdale pick-up point for Superstition Farm's Dairy Farm Club.

Starting Thursday, cozy French joint Petite Maison will be the bi-monthly spot where members of this dairy CSA (that is, community supported agriculture) can get a tasty assortment of wholesome local ingredients without having to drive all the way out to the farm in Mesa.

It's a natural move for Petite Maison chef-owner James Porter, who's been a longtime supporter of farmer Jason Crittendon and even held a 120-person Locavore Dinner at the farm a while back.

Every second and fourth Thursday, from 5 to 7 p.m., Dairy Farm Club members can stop by the restaurant to stock up on dairy, which costs $32 per bi-weekly pick-up (plus a one-time membership fee of $25), or $162 for six pick-ups (no additional membership fee required).

Each package gets you a gallon of milk, a half-pound of butter or a quart of cream, a half-pound of cheese, a pint of ice cream from Udder Delights, and a quart of yogurt.



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