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Phoenix Lands on National "Most Caffeinated" List

It's official, according to the just-released HealthSaver Caffeinated Cities Survey: Phoenix is the 10th most-caffeinated place in the country. Tampa ranks number one, followed by Seattle, Chicago, New York, L.A., Baltimore, Miami, Boston, and Houston. The same national survey found that Phoenix respondents are the second-most likely to eat chocolate on a daily basis.

Considering my own daily intake (not to mention that of our resident Caffiend, Niki D'Andrea), I'm not surprised that Phoenicians like (or is it need?) to buzz through their days. Is it because we spend so much time driving? Are we really that busy? (Yes!) Or do we need a cuppa joe to perk us up after too much time basking in the sun?

Keep in mind, we're mellowing. For the 2007, we were actually number four on the same list.  

Interestingly, the top 10 is a mix of warm, sunny spots in the southern U.S., and blustery northern cities like Chicago and Boston. What's much harder to figure out is the list of least-caffeinated places: Riverside/San Bernardino, Atlanta, San Diego, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dallas, St. Louis, Philly, Detroit, D.C., and San Francisco.

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Michele Laudig
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