Phoenix Phoodies: Scottsdale's Farmers Market is Open for Business

Thanks to Dee Logan and the Arizona Community Farmers Markets, these days you can add 'local' and 'pesticide free' to the list of coveted labels found in tony downtown Scottsdale. But in this case, the designers are farmers, growers, producers, and local chefs who supply fresh, healthy food.

After several attempts to sustain a farmer's market in Scottsdale, this new endeavor has managed to lay down some roots in a relatively short time. Since their mid-November opening in a parking lot near 1st Street and Brown Avenue in Old Town, the Scottsdale market's already a regular stop for well-heeled foodies, and if you're paying attention, you might find a local chef stocking up for that night's dinner special.

From Maya's Farm to McClendon Select, the produce selection is top-notch. You'll find fresh, hand pulled mozzarella from Digestif, gorgeous focaccia sandwiches from Rancho Pinot, locally produced wines, breads, desserts, local honey and more. It's all beautiful, natch. This is Scottsdale, after all.

Chow Bella: Why Scottsdale? That's not exactly the first place people might think when you say 'Farmer's Market'.
Dee Logan: We had a market in 2006 on 5th Avenue. When the South Bridge project started we got bumped. We tried for three years there, and we worked with the downtown liaison for a space with an uninterrupted market. We started here in November and it's just taken off. We had a ton of chefs who wanted to showcase what they were doing. We asked them to pair with growers, and really, they were doing that anyway. It's been a great time for growers that are getting started and for chefs.

CB: Is everything at the market from Arizona?
DL: This is a producers market. Everything needs to be locally grown. Heirloom tomatoes, ranch style items like eggs, and beef, it all must come from Arizona.

CB: Would we find any genetically enhanced or Botoxed veggies here?
DL: (laughter) No. But we do get a lot of families. Not a lot of the Botox generation. Everyone here is down to earth and supportive of the Green Movement, and local, organic produce. There is a lot of interest in food in Scottsdale, and yes, there might be a bit more affluence. But we are open to everyone who wants healthful, local food.

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