Where to Pre-Order Your Thanksgiving Pies in Greater Phoenix

Ollie Vaughn's apple pie.
Ollie Vaughn's apple pie. Ollie Vaughn's
Pie is a great equalizer that can unite people across the aisle and the dinner table — and its season is upon us. These local restaurants and bakeries make ordering Thanksgiving pie, yes, easy as pie. Whether you're hoping for pumpkin, pecan, or something a little unexpected (did someone say ice cream pie?), put in orders for these before they piece out. Alright, on to the list.

Ollie Vaughn's

1526 East McDowell Road

The Thanksgiving pie menu at Ollie Vaughn’s takes you places. You’ll wind through creamy layers of lemon curd and pomegranate glaze, past galas and Granny Smith, and over Nutella mousse and whipped cream, all the while falling in love — or at least lust. But as amazing as chef-owner Lindsey Magee’s pies sound, they taste infinitely better. Pre-order here.

Pie lineup: lemon pomegranate, brown butter pecan oat, pumpkin, signature apple, Nutella mousse, pumpkin swirl cheesecake

click to enlarge The Great Gadsby Bakery European and Banoffee pies. - THE GREAT GADSBY BAKERY
The Great Gadsby Bakery European and Banoffee pies.
The Great Gadsby Bakery

The Great Gadsby Bakery

1030 South Gilbert Town Square Avenue, Gilbert
Before we get to The Great Gadsby Bakery’s Thanksgiving pie menu, a little background: Owner Lynn Gadsby is a British baker who brings a rich history — like, sticky-toffee-pudding rich. While some pies need no introduction, some are infinitely bigger, bolder, and better than they sound. Banoffee comes with a graham-cracker crust, rich toffee filling, freshly sliced bananas, whipped cream, and heaps of chocolate shavings. Call 480-244-4727 or email [email protected] to pre-order.

Pie lineup: pumpkin praline, apple, European, lemon meringue, key lime, coconut cream, banoffee, chocolate cream, pumpkin swirl cheesecake

click to enlarge Bear and the Honey's bourbon pecan pie. - BEAR AND THE HONEY BAKERY
Bear and the Honey's bourbon pecan pie.
Bear and the Honey Bakery

Bear and the Honey Bakery

Pickup at Ruze Cake House
7033 East Main Street, #100, Scottsdale

Monique Harris, owner and baker at Bear and the Honey, isn’t your average pie maker. Sure, she slings traditional treats with all the trimmings, but she doesn’t shy away from dietary restrictions. In fact, she began her professional baking career creating gluten-free pies and has also tamed vegan. For instance, when you order her PCBS Pie — a peanut butter, chocolate ganache, banana, and salted caramel combo — you may choose gluten-free, vegan, or non-applicable at checkout. Pre-order here by November 13.

Pie lineup: Pucker Up Lemon Meringue, Gonna Be Banana’s Cream, Salted Caramel Apple, PCBS Pie, Rad Razzleberry, bourbon pecan

click to enlarge One More Bite Bakery's classic pumpkin pie. - ONE MORE BITE BAKERY
One More Bite Bakery's classic pumpkin pie.
One More Bite Bakery

One More Bite Bakery

Pickup at Desert Monks Brewery
1094 South Gilbert Road, #10, Gilbert

One More Bite Bakery tastes like the pie your mom makes — because it kind of is. Helmed by Jessica Vasquez-O’Malley and her mother Victoria Vasquez, the duo brings a multi-generational passion to their pie-making. And yes, everything is made from scratch, including the fresh-roasted pumpkin filling and the buttery biscuit topping. Order full-size pies ($20) or go with a sampler of five mini pies ($15), just don’t forget the homemade whipped cream. Pre-order here.

Pie lineup: pumpkin, pumpkin supreme, triple berry crumble, Dutch apple, apple, pecan with Jack Daniel’s, cherry crumble, cream pie (banana, coconut, chocolate, lemon)

click to enlarge The Dinersaur's Pumpkin Chiffon pie. - THE DINERSAUR
The Dinersaur's Pumpkin Chiffon pie.
The Dinersaur

The Dinersaur

Sometimes a bigger menu is better. Sometimes short and sweet is just right. In The Dinersaur’s case, it’s the latter. Chef-owner Olivia Girard is a one-woman show and this Thanksgiving there’s a single pie on the menu: Pumpkin Chiffon. This is a cloud-like pumpkin spice creation housed in a crispy, buttery crust topped with mascarpone whip — which all sounds heavenly. Pre-order here.

Pie lineup: Pumpkin Chiffon

click to enlarge Pie Snob's pecan pie. - PIE SNOB
Pie Snob's pecan pie.
Pie Snob

Pie Snob

Multiple Locations

To Phoenix dessert fans, Pie Snob needs no introduction. Owner and baker Traci Wilbur not only makes arguably the best apple crumb in the city, she also stocks two locations with her popular pies and has been known to crank out upward of 1,500 around Thanksgiving. She’s not only a pie snob, she’s a pie pro. Pre-order here.

Pie lineup: apple crumb, apple green chili crumb, caramel apple, pecan bourbon, pecan chocolate, pumpkin praline, chocolate cream, razzleberry double crust, cherry crumb

click to enlarge Lux's apple pie. - LUX COFFEE
Lux's apple pie.
Lux Coffee

Lux Coffee

Multiple Locations

If you’ve ever been to Lux leading up to Thanksgiving, you’ve seen the stacks upon stacks of Thanksgiving pies for pickup. That’s because these sought-after slices slung by Katie Callahan and her team don’t shy on ingredients or technique. They use organic ingredients and an all-butter pie crust that is hand-rolled. And if you've had one, the "baked with love" part goes without saying. To pre-order, call or text 602-361-8866.

Pie lineup: apple. pumpkin, berry. pecan, cherry

click to enlarge Urban Beans' apple pies. - URBAN BEANS
Urban Beans' apple pies.
Urban Beans

Urban Beans

3508 North Seventh Street, #100

Urban Beans is 100 percent vegan, which means its pies aren’t just vegan versions, they’re killer pies that happen to be vegan. In other words, you won’t miss the butter — or even one crumb for that matter. Take the apple. It’s crammed with thick-cut fruit swimming in cinnamon and blanketed in a sugar-topped upper crust that tastes like upper crust. There are also creative flavors like the habanero sweet potato with pecan toppings. To pre-order, text 520-261-0288.

Pie lineup: apple, pumpkin, lemon meringue. habanero sweet potato, chocolate cream

click to enlarge Buck &Rider's lemon meringue pie from LGO Cake Shop. - LGO CAKE SHOP
Buck &Rider's lemon meringue pie from LGO Cake Shop.
LGO Cake Shop

LGO Cake Shop

4410 North 40th Street, #5

LGO Cake Shop is a go-big-or-go-home kind of place. If you’ve ever had the six-layer red velvet cake, you know. Pies here follow that same commandment. These mammoths are backed into 11-inch, deep-dish pie tins that can easily feed 12. Take the Buck &Rider Lemon Meringue, a deep dive through torched meringue, zingy lemon custard, and graham cracker crust. Plus, there's a perfect gelato pairing for each pie. To pre-order, call 602-254-5440 or email [email protected]

Pie lineup: Deep Dish Bourbon Pecan, Deep Dish Pumpkin. Deep Dish Salted Caramel Apple, Buck &Rider Lemon Meringue, Chelsea’s Kitchen Key Lime

click to enlarge Sweet Republic's sweet potato marshmallow ice cream pie. - SWEET REPUBLIC
Sweet Republic's sweet potato marshmallow ice cream pie.
Sweet Republic

Sweet Republic

Multiple Locations

Forget ice cream on the side, Sweet Republic is serving ice cream in the pies. Made with classic pies in mind, these ice cream dreams include a made-from-scratch honey waffle crust filled to the brim with ice cream flavors sporting bold additions. Think brown sugar roasted apples, organic sweet potatoes, and house-made mini marshmallows. And yes, they still totally have that Thanksgiving taste. Pre-order here.

Pie lineup: sweet potato marshmallow, maple pecan, pumpkin spice, huckleberry swirl, apple

click to enlarge Pies from Kiss The Cook. - KISS THE COOK RESTAURANT
Pies from Kiss The Cook.
Kiss The Cook Restaurant

Kiss The Cook Restaurant

4915 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale

Kiss The Cook in the northwest Valley may be known for its bacon, sausage, and home fries, but pie reigns supreme here as well. Owner and head pie maker Nancy Hagadorn can turn out dozens in a day and plans to for Thanksgiving. Yes, she uses butter in the crust, but that’s the only secret you’re getting. To pre-order, call 623-939-4663.

Pie lineup: pumpkin, pecan, bourbon pecan, mile-high apple, French apple, Michigan sour cherry, blueberry, dad’s famous coconut-banana cream, chocolate, banana, key lime
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