Chow Bella

Phoenix Public Market Café Offers Oatmeal Risotto for Your Gluten-Free Comfort

One of my earliest food memories -- when I was probably 3 or 4 -- was oatmeal at the hospital daycare where my mother would drop my sister and me on the way to her early morning nursing shift.

I remember her scratchy-crisp starched white uniform, a disoriented bleary-eyed feeling, and the warm, tummy-filling bowl of oats, a standard comfort food topped with milk and brown sugar. It gave me that feeling that things were okay, even if the morning was a little frenetic.

As an adult, oatmeal retained its comfort-food status, usually reserved for lazy weekends when I had time to boil water, or for ski trips where something hot was an absolute necessity before braving the slopes.

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Judith Nichols