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Phoenix's First Coffee Swap and Brew Party Is Going Down at Ocotillo Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening in Phoenix, a free-to-enter, all-ages event called the Phoenix Coffee Swap and Brew Party will be held at Ocotillo restaurant's O-To-Go coffee bar and the neighboring beer garden from 5:30 to 9 p.m. 

So what exactly is a coffee swap and brew party?

Michelle Johnson, a local barista co-hosting the event, describes it as an interactive evening that provides an opportunity for coffee professionals and coffee drinkers alike to chat, hang out, and enjoy coffee together.

“It’s definitely open to the general public,” Johnson says. “We want consumers to be there and see their baristas and be able to just hang out with them.”

So, basically, it’s a public coffee party. Coffee brewing will be set up at stations, separated by broad origins such as coffees from Latin America or Africa. Patrons will be able to drink coffee to their heart’s desire and, if they are so inclined, may bring their own equipment or bags of coffee to be brewed, shared, or traded.

On the event’s official Facebook page, Kelly Ehley, O-To-Go’s manager, noted that coffee cocktails, in addition to traditional coffee beverages, both prepared by the bar’s staff, will also be available for purchase. Ocotillo’s bar and beer garden will also be open for the duration of the event.

Along with Johnson and Ehley, Braden Hammond of Downtown Phoenix’s Be Coffee will be co-hosting the free event.

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