Pie Snob Traci Wilbur Is Serious About Pie

We're counting down the days to Pie Social 2011 -- 2 p.m. on Saturday, November 12 at 408 E. Roosevelt in downtown Phoenix. You can get in on the action yourself. Here are details for community bakers. And don't forget about our celebrity bakers -- every day we'll introduce you to a different one.

Today: Traci Wilbur of Pie Snob

Four years ago, Traci Wilbur went from only making pies for family and friends to Pie Snob, the commercial bakery her husband built behind their Arcadia home. She says that all her pie making secrets come directly from her mother. Now that's a credential!!

Pie is the new Social Equalizer because rich or poor, everyone loves pie!

More pie answers for pie questions after the jump.

The hardest part about baking pie is letting it walk out the door with someone else....

The Phoenix food scene needs more love for local restaurants and less chains.

When I'm not in the kitchen you can find me reading a book

I'd like to throw a pie at...that seems like a waste of a perfectly good pie.

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