Pie Social 2011: The Celebrity Baker Line-Up So Far

The second annual Pie Social won't go down 'til November 12, but the line-up of celebrity bakers is already looking pretty sweet.

We've got old friends and a couple newcomers competing for top pie honors at the event co-sponsored by Roosevelt Row and Chow Bella. The deadline for signing up isn't until August 26, so if you bake in a commercial kitchen, sign up (or at least ask a few questions -- some answers are here) by emailing Amy at amy.silverman@newtimes.com.

Even if you are strictly a novice baker, there's still plenty of space for you at the table -- just show up Nov. 12 with two pies in exchange for five tasting tickets.

Get a few rules and find out which Valley bakers are on the menu so far -- after the jump.

We're still finalizing rules vis a vis the county health department, but this just in: No meat or cream-based pies will be allowed this year. Get going on those fruit recipes, people!

And get a gander at our line-up so far: Veronica Arroyo, Bourbon Steak; Justin Beckett, Beckett's Table; Tammie Coe, Tammie Coe Cakes; Tracy Dempsey, Tracy Dempsey Originals; Slade Grove; Tonya Saidi, Mamma Toledo's Pies & Homemade Desserts; Honey Moon Sweets; and Traci Wilbur, Pie Snob.

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